Sound Editor Deluxe

Sound Editor Deluxe 9.9

Records audio data from various inputs like microphone, vinyl records, etc.

Sound Editor Deluxe is a powerful audio editing tool that offers a lot of features, functions, options and utilities, being almost as comprehensive and effective as professional DAW apps (Digital Audio Workstations) that cost many hundreds of dollars.

Sound Editor Deluxe is not only an audio editor, but also a recorder and converter. It can capture any sound passing through the audio card of your computer, even the streams of a connected microphone or the broadcast of online radio stations. Then, the recorded files can be added to the editing panel. This handy tool allows visual editing of the audio files thanks to the zoomable waveform/spectral mode. This makes the process of editing a very easy and simple job. Parts of the tracks can be effortlessly selected, cut, copied, pasted, deleted, enhanced or modified using filters and effects. A lot of filters and effects are provided by this application in order to be used for an audio file editing (Echo, Fade, Amplify, Vibrato, Chorus, etc.). All the effects and filters can be additionally customized, and handy presets are also available. Furthermore, the sound quality parameters of an audio file, like the bit rate or sample rate, can also be tweaked to your liking.

This powerful tool features a handy batch file processing function that lets you apply various effects and modifications to multiple files at once, but this function can be used only in the full, registered version of Sound Editor Deluxe.

This comprehensive program also offers a CD ripping function, an audio merging feature, an audio from video extractor, a YouTube video downloader, a disc burner, and a lot more. As you can see, it’s a truly complete tool that can serve a lot of purposes, making its price completely justified and reasonable.

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